1. Balance of Payments in Foreign Exchange
    Since the balance of payments is based on the accounting of principle of debit and credit, it can, technically speaking, show neither a surplus nor a deficit; the debits must equal the credits, and vice-versa. If the debits and credits do not balance, as they practically never do for all countries, one or more errors, or omissions, have been made.
  2. Benefiting From Currency Trading
    In the new millennium, not only the big company firms can participate in Forex trading, it is also open for individuals, and small business groups. The Internet has made it all possible for individuals to access Forex trading.
  3. Create Your Own Trading System
    Creating your own trading system will help you become a successful trader. You must be strict in following your own rules and to stick with it you must be well disciplined.
  4. Forex Scalping 101
    There are many trading strategies employed by traders that are into the forex market. One such strategy utilized by many forex traders all around the world. Scalping is an important tactic for traders to learn as it provides way for traders, particularly day traders, to profit much by avoiding and lessening risks in forex trading.
  5. Forex: Introducing the Gold Standard
    Other countries, however, resisted the gold standard for several decades more. Most European nations, as well as the United States, remained legally bimetallic for at least another half century; most others, especially in Asia, formally retained silver standards.
  6. Fundamental Scalping
    Trading in the FX market has many aspects. Each trader should know the technical abilities and the fundamental points in trading.
  7. Three Invariable Rules of Forex Trading
    There are various ways and strategies in doing forex trading. Being multi-faceted in nature, forex trading should include every possible tactic and process for success. But there are three forex trading rules that remain constant in any trading situation which every trader should know.
  8. Transition and Significance of Foreign Exchange
    Transition of foreign exchange from barter to modernization or globalization of world economy to the process of foreign exchange, domestic to foreign currencies and its significance to international trade businessman, travelers and workers abroad. Commercial banks are the markets for rate of exchange.
  9. Translation of Accounts
    It is essential that a businessman in an inflationary economy increase prices to at least compensate for erosion in the real values of long-term assets. If he does so, the assets do not lose their values with currency changes and may be maintained at constant values. If price adjustments are not made, this results to economic loss.
  10. Try Forex and Earn More in Another Currency
    It might not be believable that a foreign account sitting somewhere in Europe could bring in a lot of money. Well, it can, so are you interested in foreign exchange to get more out of your money?
  11. What An Investor in Forex Needs to Know
    An investor in the Forex market should also be familiar with the ins and outs of the market and not only concern themselves with earning a lot of money. They should also pick a good broker that will represent them in the market.
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